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Treat Yourself: A Guide to Self Care

It's no secret that if you look good, you feel good. This is an everyday mindset for me, and the main motto of how I live life. Of course, sometimes I'm late because it takes me a while to get ready; but it's always worth it once I actually show up. As a man, I do not have an hour long routine that most women go through on a daily basis, but most

men should enjoy a self care moment while getting ready each day... or they should be able to.

Self care can include a haircut, a massage, or even applying a $3 CVS face mask before taking a shower; but life goes so much further beyond that. A few other ways men can show self care include getting a manicure/pedicure, sleeping in, treating yourself to dinner and a movie or to even meditate. During my down time or self care time, I have a relaxation or chill vibes playlist, which you can see in the video below, which you can check out here. Recently, I visited Lush, a cosmetics store, and talked to a Skin Care Specialist to see what products she would recommend to work best for my skin. My skin is fairly clear and smooth, but it gets super dry and flaky in the winter, so my goal was to find a long lasting moisturizer that paired well with a facial cleaner. She recommended the Skin Drink, a hydrating avocado and aloe vera cream, to pair along with The Birth of Venus, a lavender and rose infused jelly mask for smooth skin.

After the Specialist applied both products on my hand in the store, I could see how the moisturizer seeped into my skin, and left a smooth, natural glow. For a total of $40, I figured I could try to improve the health of my skin by trying some new products, and I am satisfied with my purchase. Both products are easy to apply and the facial cleaner wipes off just as easily as it looks in the video. Let me tell you that the Skin Drink product does wonders before taking selfies outdoors. After using the products for over a month, my skin feels a lot more clear and cleaner, so I figured that I would share my routine with you all.

Check out the video of my facial routine.

Stay tuned for more products to try, or other ways to feel relaxed by methods of self care.



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