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let's make a reservation.
i'll be late.
i'm only coming for the champagne.

mimosas w. mike


Brunch Reviews:

Angel of Harlem

Harlem, NY

Summit Grill

Kansas City, MO

Cask Bar & Kitchen

Midtown NYC


Birthday brunch - celebrated with crab cakes and rum punch along with a DJ who had everyone out of their seats


A busy neighborhood spot with large windows, open lighting, and great seafood mac and cheese. I also had to add a side of jalapeno grits that came in a fancy jar. Make sure to wear red on Chief's Sundays.

2019-02-02 14_31_21.205.jpg

Spicy honey covered chicken and waffles served with a classic mimosa pitcher. The brunch was crowded, but comfortable enough to enjoy the ambiance and a meal.


The burrito was good, but unlimited margaritas during brunch is not a good idea. Worth a try tho!



The Village, NYC

Tequila bar on the Upper East Side that brings unlimited servings of appetizers and drinks as the brunch meal. After trying a few different types of dishes, along with Mexican classics, the brunch experience is worth the visit.


Upper East Side, NYC

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