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about me.

A creative, educated, black man who is big on vibes; and motivated to get sh*t done. Sometimes I'm an asshole, but I still get sh*t done. Oh yeah, my parents named me Michael. 


Growing up, I always did what I thought was best in order to go far in life. As I got older, I realized that I never took the time to focus on what I wanted to do. After graduating from the best HBCU ever - Prairie View A&M University, I decided to go out and become what most of you consider to be an "adult." I just happened to do it in a way that most people would not recommend, and I did it well.

My mindset, experiences, and beliefs led me to starting a lifestyle blog. I believe in getting on the plane and worrying about your problems after the return flight, because most people are afraid to enjoy life. 

You can expect to read and get more insight of my life and the thoughts from an educated, 28 year-old black male's perspective from living in this crazy ass thing that we call a society. I'll be sure to throw in a few good laughs and a few sarcastic moments, without a filter, only because that is who I am. Remember that this is my life, so I'll keep it real. No excuses, no apologies!

*Disclosure: I am not a kid-friendly person, so this is not a kid-friendly blog. Some views and opinions expressed, many may find offensive, if the shoe fits... wear it. If the shoe does not fit, continue reading anway.

Sooo, ummm, yeah. This is my blog and your'e welcome!



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