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The Birthday Spa Day

Three shots of tequila and a few missed calls later, I could finally say "Cheers to 27, Happy Birthday to me!"

MY new year can officially start, since the trial week is over. A new year of promises and goals that I'm determined not to break; financial obligations that I am willing to stay committed to; brunches and holidays that come with new traditions; and friends who will be there to celebrate with me along the way. I can honestly say that 27 will be a great year, and I have a lot of things to look forward to sharing with you all.

As detail oriented as I can be, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for my birthday. It was between booking a ticket and going on a solo trip, brunch... of course, or something chill with a few friends.

It never works out that way, because a simple dinner turns into an entire party with my friends, and that's exactly why I love them. I decided that I wanted to spend the entire day at the Spa for a peaceful time to think and reflect on life, and luckily I had a few saved in my Yelp folder. Venturing across the bridge to New Jersey, I ended up spending the day at Sojo Spa, a luxury spa that feels like an escape from reality, but also has a great view of the New York City skyline. They started a 20% off promotion the day before my birthday, so for $44, it was only right that I took a day off from work and ended up there.

Relaxing in the rooftop hot tub, I had plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the day. I was able to reflect on my life and thoughts, and not have to worry about anything that could stress me out. My phone was on Do Not Disturb, but of course I had it right next to me in the pool, because I had to make sure I took pictures and videos for the gram.

The experience was lit, and I'd do it all over again. I'm glad it wasn't crowded on a Wednesday, because I was able to enjoy the Hydrotherapy Pool, Foot Massage Path, Silk Bath, and Carbon Rich Bath in between my stops to the the different saunas and steam rooms. The only thing missing was a margarita. I spent the entire day relaxing in water. Even when it started to snow, it was perfect to chill on the rooftop in the heated pool and take pictures.

Surely the turn up came shortly after the relaxing spa day, but self care and peace were two of my main priorities for my birthday. I made sure to take time out of my week to enjoy a haircut, getting a pedicure, and even booking a massage during my next off day from work.

Self care is a priority and necessity, not a luxury. That is my mood, and I am sticking by that for all of 2020.


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