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Summer SkyMiles.

Now that hot boy summer is over, I can definitely say that this one was for the books! I racked up so many SkyMiles and IG boomerangs from bottomless brunches to poppin' club sections; but that will continue all year long, because that's just what I do. My goal was to travel at least twice each month from April to August, no matter the distance; the goal was to get out and explore. I was booking plane tickets, bus tickets, or hopping in the car with no expectations, and I was not afraid of going anywhere alone. I feel like I was gone so much that I really did not get to experience a true New York summer, because 2018 summer was lit for sure.

I've realized that when it comes down to planning group trips, I am a divo with planning and creating itineraries; so shoutout to me for being super organized and knowing how to find the move. Also, shoutout to my friends for letting me join in on their group trips, and sharing their friends because everyone knows I'm the cool friend that's always down for the cause. I did have one little mix up with a group trip, but once you're blocked, that's no longer my problem, right? Either way, 15 weekend trips later, I have made great memories, and have no regrets.

Here is a visual album for a few of my favorite pictures from a few of the cities that I visited this summer:

Stay tuned, because I'm sure I will be booking tickets for fall trips shortly, but I'm gonna try to enjoy NYC before the winter arrives.

Thanks for keeping up with the movement.



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