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i'm more than a resume...

It's funny how one day I wake up and I'm motivated, and the very next day I can wake up depressed and sleep all day. Okay, I might waste half the day watching Grey's Anatomy and P Valley, but I deserve it. I woke up the other day and created my weekly to-do list, which is totally normal for me to do. Until I noticed that updating my resume and LinkedIn have been on my to-do lists for more than a month. Sure, it's something that needs to be done so I can begin the process of applying and interviewing for jobs, but I've realized that being a Creative Brand Consultant, a title I gave myself,

has been keeping me occupied. I've worked with more small businesses, brands, and people who need consulting or marketing direction for their brands; and it is truly keeping me occupied and motivated. Working with a few new clients this summer, I caught myself adding to the list of each time I sat back and asked myself, "What do you REALLY do?!"

I'm one of those people who wears many hats and manages tasks across multiple locations at once. Let's say a Project Manager fits that description; but what Project Manager designs websites, cultivates marketing materials and concepts, manages brand identities, and consults business solutions? On top of that, I've made my own products to sell as well. And as much as I hate how the word "creative" is used today, I would be what most people would consider as as creative. I'ts more than just throwing the word in your Instagram bio or capturing good angles. My solution for that was to come up with a creative title for myself that would stand out when working with clients: A Creative Brand Consultant. The irony that comes with this title, as much as I've been putting off updating my resume, I now have to update my business portfolio. Having a conversation with my best friend, I was reminded to take a step back from downplaying myself, and give credit for the work that I have done so far. Since this pandemic has started, I have worked with over 10 new clients. That may not be a lot, but I also had to consider that I do not advertise myself the way that I should,

I rely heavily on referrals and recommendations. I've worked with clients in a variety of industries, but expanding my mental resume goes so much further than that. I had to remember that I have been on planning committees and operating teams for large scale events with six figure budgets. I've traveled to help manage large scale events in different cities, and those are things that I do not reflect on when I consider the amount of work that I've done. Even when an opportunity is presented to me from a potential client that I may not have a strong knowledge level of, I never say no; I will either find a way to teach myself, or outsource the task to someone who knows how to find a solution. I make my confidence stand out, which helps customer retention.

As a motivational point in this post, write down three major things that you have accomplished, and three accomplishments that you wish to reach before a specific deadline. If you can write more, that's even better. Everything is attainable, ALL THE RULES ARE FAKE, DO YOU!

Stop limiting yourself or putting yourself in a box. It's easy to say, but once you actually act on it, you realize how many opportunities you have missed out on by placing yourself in a box. It took me a while to grasp the concept, but as an entrepreneur, it was one of my biggest challenges and my biggest lesson learned. I had to understand how to take negative feedback and how to properly respond to the word "NO." There's a million and one people who will say yes, compared to the one no that you receive, so do not take that as a final option, find another way. That is the challenge that I am determined to overcome this month, and I hope that you can successfully do the same.



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