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From the Runway to NYFW

Continuously making bad decisions, I landed from a 6:30AM flight to come straight into the office for work Monday morning. Barely sleeping the night before, I'm glad that I packed a few nice outfits for my trip, because I promised my friends that I would attend a fashion show Monday night.

One of my good friends from Kansas City, Chandler, invited me to a show that she was walking in during Fashion Week, and of course, I was going to support. As the elevator doors opened, the host greeted me and passed me an informational flyer to know the names of each look being shown. If you saw my Instagram story, you can see that about 30 models were walking to show off very exquisite furs. The designer, Adrienne Landau, has worked with big name celebs such as Beyonce, Rih, and even Cardi; so I was already impressed before the show began. In addition to that, unlimited champagne was being served and the DJ played Nicki's version of Buss Down Barbiana, my type of party.

Two of the models that I talked to after the show: Jas + Myranda

Living in New York City, I meet plenty of models, actors, other bloggers, and photographers. I remind myself to network and keep them in my circle!


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