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Does This Count As A Valentine?

Those deep reflections that catch you off guard are low-key the best. I'm a damn good friend, but it took a special conversation to realize that I'm appreciated in ways that I never even considered. Reflecting on my relationships, friends, and family, I can confidently say that I have been a support system for literally everyone I'm close to, and they have been there for me as well. I'm still single af, but technically the purpose of Valentine's Day is to celebrate romance, friends, and admiration, so this counts!

Living across the country from most of my family and friends, I tend to miss out on special occasions and weekend moments where everyone is together. Having FOMO (fear of missing out) doesn't help because there's always something going on or a vacation to take, and I can't be everywhere at once. Having close friends spread out in Kansas City, Houston, Dallas, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, and even D.C., I always have somewhere to visit whenever I need to escape New York City. One thing I appreciate is that somehow throughout the years, I tend to make sure I see each of my friends on a weekend trip, or at least keep up with them through FaceTime dates. The holidays is usually the best time to catch up with everyone, because most of my friends go home for Christmas. I've even had friends ask me the next time I plan on going home, so they can book their flights and go home those same dates, and that just shows how appreciated my friends and I value each other.

A random FaceTime call a few weeks ago turned into an emotional moment, and y'all know my ass is the least emotional person known to man. My cousin Kayla called to joke around and laugh with me, but the conversation turned and somehow the focus was on me. She told me that she appreciates that no matter how far I travel in life, I always make sure to keep a good connection with my family and friends back home, I visit often, and always bring a positive vibe and remain an inspiration to live the best life possible. Clearly everything I do is a vibe, but to hear her say that put a perspective on how I view all of my friendships. It's definitely not easy to live so far from everyone, and I'm glad that I'm well connected in any city that I land in. I can fly home right now without telling a single soul, and after one Instagram story post, my friends will call, text, or pop up at my house to chill, laugh, catch up, or be ready for a brunch or happy hour. She told me that whenever I'm home, it feels as if I never left. Honestly, at times, it feels like I've never even left because we talk that much.

Somehow I've turned my Valentine's post into an appreciation post for all of my loved ones, so enjoy a few flicks of my favorite people and favorite moments:

I'm grateful to each of my friends, family, and whoever that has impacted my life, (even the ones I've cut off). Y'all are the ones who motivate and inspire me for just being you. I hope this post inspires you to reach out to someone you care for, to check up on them, and to let them know they are appreciated.

keep moving,



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