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+ a week with mike in miami .

Truly not knowing what to expect, I ended up in Miami, Florida for a few days for a relaxing getaway. With intentions on working out each morning and spending half of my days on the beach, the weather quickly reminded me that just because I was flying south, it' not always a perfect summer day. The weather was cloudy, windy, and slightly rainy for at least two days. It warmed up the last two days, which lead me to extend my trip an additional two more days, because why not?!

In true Michael fashion, I spent most of my time in the hotel bathroom, only because it was amazingly spacious and the large ass room had such a nice view of downtown Miami with floor to ceiling windows and even a patio. I stayed at the W Hotel in Brickell, and my stay was truly enjoyable. I love the vibe and decor that each W Hotel location offers, and I never get excited about expensive luxury cars, but seeing over 50 (not exaggerating) G-Wagons, Bentleys, and Lambos entering the apartment complex right outside the window throughout the day and night made me sit back and realize how much money flows in just that one city. It's weird because these are the types of things that motivate me, not the actual cars, but the cash flow in that one community. Enjoying the architecture, City Centre shopping center, and an hour long relaxing sports massage and grooming facial appointment at Exhale Spa, I truly felt like I was able to enjoy my vacation and be at peace.

Enjoying the Miami experience, I tried a few different restaurants and coffee shops, since I was still kind of working on websites while I was on vacation. Here are five spots that I recommend:

  • Joe & The Juice, a juice bar that I see in NYC often, but never tried it - the Pick Me Up - strawberry, banana, apple smoothie + a ginger shot on the side.

  • Baires Grill Brickell, an Argentinian grill, I would recommend trying the Mila Florentina Milanesas, a think sliced chicken breast with creamed spinach, parmesan cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes on top. I also asked them to infuse some tequila in their fresh squeezed ginger-mint lemonade.

  • Koa Poke & Burrito, for my sushi lovers... have y'all ever had a sushi burrito?! Yes, a burrito! Definitely worth a try.

  • Pink Taco, I didn't make it to Nikki Beach for the beach club vibes, but I knew I wanted to drink a margarita out of a pineapple. Luckily, this Mexican restaurant had good food and even better drinks.

  • Cafe Americano, an American cafe with a Latin twist, down the street from one of my favorite hotels on Ocean Drive. I had a traditional breakfast as I worked on my blog post, but the Purple and White smoothie was out of this world - coconut, banana, chia seeds & strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry smoothies poured side by side in the same glass - AMAZING!

So photo dumps on Instagram have been my new favorite thing. It was only the artsy kids doing it at first, but now that more people are hip to it, it's making me feel like the OG Instagram days when we used to post pictures of our outfits of the day or random moments of our life, before everything had to be over-edited and perfectly angled. The only rule of a photo dump is to post it and go, if you know you know. So here goes another:

To close out this post, adults need Spring Break too - clearly, so hopefully this motivates someone to take some me time and do something that makes them happy and feel at peace. Until then, stay focused and motivated to get shit done.



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