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A Cluttered, Creative Mind.

It's a new year, and I hope you're in your 2021 bag. If you're not, I don't know what to tell you because I cannot relate. I had the perfect vision of being "motivated to get shit done," but reality hit once again and my creative side was pushed to the back burner. I had a few projects that I wanted to release at the beginning of the year, but my self motivation had other plans.

Being a creatively-inspired procrastinator has become an on-brand thing for me, yet I motivate others to stay consistent and produce quality content, products, and concepts. It's crazy because whenever I have a creative thought, I have three of my closest friends who I can call and they will hold me accountable, but then fifty other people tell me about their creative thoughts or plans, and I get distracted all over again. I love it because I admire being the creative friend that everyone asks for assistance.

Holding myself accountable this month, I put my care-free spirited lifestyle on hold, and forced myself to take care of business. It's crazy because I've had 6 websites, 2 business plans, custom clothing orders and a whole business page that I had to work on all at the same time. If you could see my emails, reminders, and sticky notes all over the place, you would only see how scattered my brain was, and still is. Teaching myself that the DND feature on my iPhone is essential, and with the help of some lovely edibles, I locked myself in my apartment for a week and "clocked in" for work each day this week. It felt good to not look at my phone every five minutes and get distracted, and I actually got a lot accomplished. *Sidenote: TikTok is the devil. There's no way I should spend 4 hours looking at videos. I can only imagine how scattered other creatives' minds can be, especially working with strict deadlines, larger brands, and higher budgets. Eventually, I'll get to that point, but right now I'm focused on clearing my to-do list and staying sane at the same time.

I'm never the type to compare myself to others, but I do take mental notes and have an eclectic approach towards creativity. I find it inspiring to see how other creative people or brands publish their content, or use certain features, apps, or collaborations. It's like a whole new world that changes everyday. That's honestly what motivates me.

Cleaning off my desk and finalizing my to-do list, I was able to complete 3 websites, work on my vision letter, and complete all of my custom clothing orders to ship out. Instead of a Friday photo-dump post on Insta, I decided to take my creative side a step further and create my first IG Reel, which I told myself I would never do, but here we are. Take a look here.

- Cardboard Letter M - purchased at Hobby Lobby

- Subscriptions - Rolling Stone Magazine, Bleu Mag, Ad Week, InStyle Magazine

- Final Product - Edits will be made throughout the year, since my vision constantly changes!

Finalizing my Friday night with a blog update, as planned, I feel like this week was a success. One more thing I can scratch off my to-do list. Staying consistent with my goal, I plan on sharing an update on my creative journey next week with a few other projects that I have been working on..... so,

take a sip, and stay tuned for the movement,



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