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8 Things I Look Forward to in October

As much as I hate the word autumn, this is the time of the year when you grab your jackets out the closet, and start to enjoy the fall vibes. October is here. Well, its been here, I'm just a few days late posting this blog. It's one of those fall months that feel like winter is near, but we still like to be outside and enjoy the warm weather and cool winds. I was making my list of things I need to accomplish this month, and I created a list of 10 things I look forward to in October.

  • How basic would I be to not put Pumpkin Spice Latte on my list?! I usually order mine from Starbucks each year when the seasonal release begins, but this time, I tried it from the Dunkin' Donuts shop across the street from my apartment. With them offering the drink either hot or cold, it is the best way to start your day, even when working from home.

  • I look forward to pumpkin flavored items each year, and on October 1st, I made sure to raid the store to find a few of my favorite things. I am not a major fan of candy corn, but the candy pumpkins are one of my favorite candies this season.

  • Living in New York, the creativity behind Halloween costumes is better than any other city that I've experienced. From the Halloween parade and costume parties, people continue to outdo themselves each year, and I am truly amazed. Even with Covid, I'm sure people will find a way to be creative and still post their costumes, so I am looking forward to the levels of creativity this year.

  • Ever since undergrad, leather jackets have been a thing once the fall hits. I remember seeing everyone walking on campus and leather jackets becoming the trend for the season change. Whats funny about leather jackets is it's one of the only things that I hate shopping for, but this year I found a great deal on one saving up to $300 on the original price.

  • As a former HBUC grad, this one probably makes everyone's list for October. Of course, it's Homecoming Season, and Prairie View A&M University clearly throws the best tailgate for the homecoming season. This is the best time to catch up with your old college friends and celebrate in a historical tradition. This is the first time in almost 10 years that I haven't been in Houston for homecoming and it's not sitting well with me.

  • I would eat at IHOP everyday if I could, but when they put Pumpkin Pancakes on their menu every October, I make it an objective to go at least twice during the month. Just typing about it now makes me want to place an order for some. They're definitely worth trying at least once.

  • Since this is usually the time of the year where I turn on the heat, wrapping up in my favorite blanket made the list of things that I enjoy about October. From lounging on the couch to sitting on the edge of the bed, having the comfort of a blanket increases your coziness, and everyone knows that being cozy matters.

  • As a person who admires art and the outdoors at times, watching the leaves change and fall throughout this season officially brings the winter season. Thankfully I do not have a yard that needs to be raked, the maintenance people rake them up, but seeing the trees change from an assortment of colors over the next few weeks is an enjoyable sight. This reminds me that at least once a year, everything changes; therefore the fall is a great time for a come-up!

A few things that I plan to accomplish this month include visiting a pumpkin patch and carving a pumpkin with friends, spending a day at an amusement park (with my mask on lol), and possible even trying to knit a blanket (or a scarf if it seems too challenging). This usually wraps up the outdoor season in NYC, so I'm going to try to have some productive social time in the city before its time to hibernate. What about you, how do you plan on spending your fall season?



“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” – Lauren DeStefano


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