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the fall is the best time for a come up.

The fall: when the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground, when the time falls back and the temperatures drop. You have to understand how to find peace, enjoy the dark moments, and lose some connections.

The title says it all, how you take it is based on your own understanding of self. Its time to find YOU, then do YOU!

Some of y'all stay going through shit because you don't know how to be at peace with yourselves. You let what everyone else around you is doing control how you think and move...thats toxic. The best thing you can do is stack up and stay out the way. You have to learn how to leave left places. Find peace. Go sit in a coffee shop, read a book, or listen to a podcast. Distance yourself from the world, or the people around you for a day. It's worth it to clear your mind once in a while.

From social media, you would probably never know, but I have plenty of times during the week where I shut down and stay to myself. I know that's not the best thing to do, but I reflect during this time. I reflect on my own personal issues whether it's family, finances, relationships, or personal growth. It is kind of depressing because my phone will be on DND for hours, and I'm either at home blasting music, sleeping, or out and about ignoring notifications. It helps me stay calm having the down time to clear my mind, especially living in a city where there's people everywhere you go. I've learned to find happiness in the darkest places, which is not easy to do.

Losing connections is important, because it gives you time to focus on something new. You can lose a connection with people, places, and things because they each create a noise in your life. Fall back and get a better view. I'm not new to the cutting friends and certain people out of my life, and sometimes they beat you to it and cut the connection themselves. I'm not the one to mention names, but I know they still watch and follow to see what I post. (I hope all is well.) Cutting connections gives you the down time to focus on what excites you. It excites you because it is connected to your purpose, so follow that vibe. That, my friends, is called growth. Real growth is when you start checking your damn self. Growth is a decision. Of course, growth is the first step towards finding your come up, so go try something new without waiting on the new year to become a better person.

Go be a movement,


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