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Month of Motivation...

Fresh starts are always something to look forward to; a new day, a new month, or a new year. Whether you're starting a job, membership, or any change from your daily routine, take advantage of each one. Procrastination continues to not let me be great, but yet I use deadlines as a way to mentally reset myself to become more motivated. I can't even count how many to-do lists I have in a notebook

or in the Notes app on my phone. Reflecting on my lists that are becoming somewhat repetitive, I had to sit back and ask myself what motivates me?

Personally, I know what motivates me and my definition of success, it's just a matter of the steps I need to take to get there. I feel like all of my problems are solved once I stroll through TJ Maxx and buy an overpriced planner to help me get my life together; but its more of me just filling a calendar with happy hours and travel plans, instead of finding ways to be productive or make money. As I woke up on July 31st, I read a text message from one of my close friends, which I'll screenshot and post somewhere on this page. After reading it, I was motivated enough to (once again), start a to-do list for the month of August of a reminder for everything I need to pay for,

finish, or do within the month of August. The message was motivational enough for me, so I forwarded it to my other group messages with close friends, who sent me their short and long term goals. I'm going to make it a purpose to check on my friends each week, and to motivate them towards completing their goals.

Blogging is one of my main "hobbies" that I tend to keep on the back burner, seeing that this is my first post in a few months. The shit is hard, to be completely honest, and requires a lot of self discipline. Living in a new city with a new experience every day should provide enough topics for me to blog about, but it never happens. Since blogging is a way to build my brand, I need to take it way more seriously than I used to, so content needs to be updated more frequently. Along with building my own brand, I have been consulting on websites and business services for a few clients over the past few weeks. I'm actually excited to show the content I've created once their sites and businesses launch. It's so much easier to help everyone else, avoiding the focus on yourself. Helping others to create and build their own brands or improving the businesses that they have already created was motivational enough for me to constantly check in and send emails for updates a few times throughout the week.

I'm claiming it now that August will be full of self-motivation, dedication, and personal branding. I'll be taking a practice GMAT Exam during the time this blog post releases, so I look forward to seeing your messages once I finish taking my test. Check out my to-do list for the month that lists out all of my responsibilities and obligations. I'm sure I will add more, but I encourage you to try it too. Invest in yourself and stop procrastinating, even if it's just for a month. So here goes nothing!

-Be a movement.


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