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You might call me crazy, but it happened!

For anyone who has ever had a conversation with me, you know moving to New York was my plan the day after I walked across the stage with my diploma. I've always had this fascination with the Big Apple, and all the different people and experiences that you come across. Growing up, I came to NY about once a year to visit my grandparents on my mom's side of the family, until they moved to Georgia.

"You wanna move to New York?"

"The cost of living up there is too high!"

"I don't think that is a good idea."

"New York is a dirty place."

I flew to NYC for my 24th birthday to look at apartments and didn't even bother leaving the house once it started snowing. I just wanted to chill with my friends and stay warm, but I finally gave myself a date and stuck with it. I said by the 1st of August, I would hop on a plane and just go. Somehow my deadline kept being prolonged from April 1st until the end of the summer. I blame my friends because our summer was lit and I did not want to leave Kansas City. One of my best friends told me that I literally have nothing to lose, so it shouldn't be that hard. Without realizing it, that was motivational AF for me. My car was paid off, I only had one credit card bill, and an occasional phone bill payment to my parents; but they usually let that slide. I was working at a job that I enjoyed because I was in control of the environment and my schedule, but I was not completely satisfied. So why not take the risk?! Worst possible option was that I wouldn't like it, I'd get on the first flight back to Kansas City, and act like nothing ever happened.

My major struggle was overthinking everything, and worrying about what could go wrong. I wanted to save up $4000 before moving across the country, or I wanted to have a good job as some sort of stability. Eventually, I gave up on overthinking and bought a random plane ticket three days in advance. I told myself that I had three days to find a place to stay for the next month or two. Once that was settled, I would focus on food and any other expenses that I would have when I get there, and to definitely start applying for jobs. It was such an impulse decision that I had to do my laundry, clean, and pack my entire room in less than 48 hours... oh and tell my parents that I'm moving across the country without any idea of where I would be staying or doing for an income.

After a few long prayers, phone calls for encouragement, and my last few happy hours with my friends, I finally jumped on the plane and my journey began. A month later, I am still enjoying every single minute of life on the east coast. I found a nice apartment, a great paying job, and understood the subway system without looking at a map within the first week. Here's to new adventures and definitely more blog updates.

-Mike E

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