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Rent free at 24.

Where did you end up moving to after graduating college or after moving out of your parent's house? Do you ever regret your decision?

I saw a few people ranting and tweeting about this topic, and their logic was quite interesting. I too, wonder, how in the hell do you people making less than $10 an hour stay on a vacation or go out all the time, or feed a child... AND THEMSELVES!?? Maybe they're just flexing for the gram or know how to get the good angles for Snapchat. I can't even front, this was me in undergrad. Unlimited overtime is another option. Another possibility: they have a sugar dad or a cougar fly them out - which isn't my business, but shit happens! Yeah, you can live at home with your parents or have a roommate so your expenses are not excessive, but are you flying Spirit and staying at 2-star hotels???? Traveling could just be a priority for you, but I need answers! Teach me!

Staying at home helps you save, or have more to spend in my case. I've lived at home for a little over a year after graduating college. Plus, I'm all for traveling, but you don't see me taking two and three trips each month - I limit it to one per month lmao. A benefit for me, other than saving almost a thousand dollars per month, is that it gives me time to create and plan my life, while easing myself into getting used to getting up and going to work and "adulting" everyday.

For those of you maxing out those credit cards or tuition refund checks to take selfies on the beach and have to eat a McDouble with no onion and small fry once the sun sets, whyyyyyy are you doing this to yourself?!

On a more serious note, I know one of the deep discussions that I have with friends from my inner circle is the pits and peaks of staying with your parents while you work or explore your career options. Life seems so much easier on the first of each month knowing you can wake up and not have to spend $700 on rent in addition to water, cable, and electric bills. We won't even mention the unnecessary additional $100 per month to park your car in a garage in your own damn complex. Not to mention, I rented my own apartment in Houston while going to school and working full time, so I know what it is like to have my own space. Living at home, I'm not missing out on anything and the most I pay is a phone or insurance bill, but I know that any day my parents can ask for rent. My parents own multiple properties, so if I wanted my own space, I would've moved into one of their houses or apartment units, I'm just too cheap, and can deal with seeing them when I wake up everyday. Now they aren't strict, but we do clash or have our moments where a few words need to be exchanged. That still happened when I lived twelve hours away, so if you know a way to avoid that please let me know. I can't get mad if they ask me to provide the groceries or run a few errands, and they keep in consideration that I do work all day and sometimes appreciate a drink or two at happy hour, so I won't be home until 11 or 12... or 2 or 3 lol. They've had three kids go to college, so they know how our social lives are a priority in life. The chore chart is not on the refrigerator and we don't ask for an allowance or get punished, it's more of an "I'll see you whenever I come home" type of deal, which is pretty much like having a roommate in my opinion.

You'd think its awkward to mention that you live with your parents when you're dating or starting to get serious with someone, but its common between most millennials.... they understand the benefits. Hell, the person you're talking to could live at home with their parents too (it's happened). Literally, the only negatives that you could conclude would be no sleep overs, sex, or the pressure of meeting their parents sooner than expected. Other than that, living at home really is not that bad.

A woman may feel some type of way that the man has to come to her house or apartment, but there's ways to work around that. If you follow me on Twitter, you see whenever I participate if #BlackTwitter goes in on a tweet. For instance, some girl tweeted a few months ago that a male with a degree by the age of 25 should have two cars and own a house. My response: "Damn, should he walk on water too? What exactly are you bringing to the table to have such high standards?" At some point, the thought of moving out and finding your own living arrangement should come about. Don't think that someone can't afford rent or a mortgage if they live at home, because you'd actually be surprised after seeing how much they save each month by having the option to stay at home. But then again, everyone grows and progresses at different rates.... so you may need to watch the glow up come when you least expect it!


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