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Lit at 11... am.

I was lit before the menus even left the table.

That's what Saturday brunch is about tho.... right? The mimosas.

Thats why I was there, I could have had eggs and bacon at home.

Brunch just seems to be the way to summarize your week and catch up with your friends after a full work week. It's like a thing now, go to work all week, and go to brunch on Saturday. THE MIMOSAS ARE BOTTOMLESS! Of course with everyone enjoying the moment, gossip usually comes up or some interesting controversial topics. Sometimes both. You can talk about sports, hear live music, listen to other people's lit conversations. By the way, lit (for those of you over 35) is the state of being intoxicated (regardless of the intoxicating agent) that all the person can do is smile, so that they look lit up like a light... according to I just think enjoying the moment is what I consider to be "LIT."

My circle of friends from high school had our roundup, which was brunch Thanksgiving weekend, before everyone snapped back to reality and realized we had responsibilities in life. We tried a new spot called the Jacobsen in the Crossroads District of KC. The food was average, but the bottomless mimosas were definitely on point. This past Saturday, I tried a German restaurant named Affare, and it was legit. I would go back to try something new each weekend. The prices were reasonable, and the atmosphere of the restaurant gave a classic, modern vibe. Without realizing I went to brunch twice in the same weekend, until writing this post..... I went to Nick & Jakes with my family after church as well. I enjoyed the buffet style brunch, but I passed on the drinks so I wouldn't get carried away in front of my parents.

I wouldn't consider my friends to be super bourgeois, but they are a little uppity, or "cultured" as some would say. So, I sat at the table and watched each of them enjoying the moment, so I just had to ask: Why do young black people enjoy brunch? I made sure everyone at the table answered the question with a different response, and we were all on the same page.


Their answers:

"Brunch occurs at a time thats not too early in the morning, or too late in the afternoon, so you can enjoy breakfast at noon."

"It's a good reason to drink and enjoy a good conversation."

"Bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary's!!!!!"

"To momentarily escape reality."

"For the Instagram likes or the snapchat story!"

"It makes you feel classy."

"Because I work hard, so I deserve this moment."

"You get to dress up and look nice just to eat!"


Cheers! There you have it. Brunch is like the happy hour of the weekend, and I'm definitely here for it. Even if it's not the norm for you, text a few friends and find a new spot to try. I'm already working on my list of spots to try and people to invite. Be ready for a few more Instagram posts of plates full of food and the mimosas in the background, because I don't think you'll understand it until you try it..... Brunch is definitely lit!

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