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Finding a passion.

Everyone wants to know their purpose in life and it is not an easy question to ask or answer. This list of questions will help you along the path to atleast seeing what you're interested in:

1. What did you really love doing as a child? What did you seem to have a natural talent of?

2.What are you willing to do because it brings you satisfaction and fulfillment?

3.What sort of things grab your attention the most and lose track of time? 

4. Do you prefer working with others or working alone?

5. Order and structure? Or do yor prefer freedom and spontanuity?

6. What would you do and where would you work if someone told you they would finance your dream? Would you build a business? Travel? Spend it on yourself? Invest in something meaningful for others?

7. If you were asked to picture the idea life, what would it look like? What aspects and components would be different?

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